25 thoughts on “Listening skills – paraphrasing”

  1. I thought this guy did really try and did try to follow the client’s
    content. However failed to track her core feelings of frustration,
    isolation and confusion. Being in the counselling role can be hard for any
    trainees and qualified counsellors alike.

  2. This isn’t paraphrasing. The ‘therapist’ here is merely repeating what the
    client says rather than reflecting her feelings. Part of paraphrasing is
    using your own words. Also I the ‘therapist’ isn’t relaxed enough. His
    posture is too still and I would have appreciated seeing him lean towards
    the client at times.

  3. one one hand that’s a nlp technique on the other hand its a hypnosis
    technique : ) this guy help me realize I am really good at paraphrasing : )
    yeah! for a shy person he’s probaly super non offensive….for a out going
    person, hes probably out of a job…dead weigh..so the parroting, is hard
    to take if your a creative one…other wise just another step in the right
    direction of action and improvement. blessings. Hot Actress : )

  4. why is he paraphrasing using her exact same words? he needs to say the same
    thing but in a different way, using more insight! being on the leading edge
    of what she’s saying!

  5. I certainly feel that any computer based-program could do the same. This
    “counselor” seriously “misses” what the woman actually is feeling, the
    loneliness, alienation from her family, terror of rejection,…actually
    without any significant thought, he’s missed the crux of paraphrasing what
    this woman is REALLY saying…i.e., what she is NOT able to verbalize. He
    is 3x down.

  6. Paraphrasing is ineffective. In this example I would feel disconnected
    after the 2nd guess. Try empathic listening. It is so powerful to use for
    connection, healing, building trust and understanding. Empathic listening
    connects with values (90%) and minimally feelings (10%). .

  7. I think you can use this as a good learning tool. The counselor doesn’t
    seem to be doing his job, but use it this way: Listen to the client, pause
    the video, and paraphrase the way you feel is appropriate. then start the
    video again where you left off. If the counselor’s response is close to
    what you said, you’re not paraphrasing as correctly as you should lol.

  8. I couldn’t watch it all. Did she get up and walk out?? He is a great
    example of what not to do. Seemed so disinterested in what she was saying

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