Six T’s of Grief Recovery

Six T’s of Grief Recovery

grief-share-2There are some fundamentals that you can apply while going through the process of overcoming grief. Certain aspects will help you go through grief and recover completely and they include the ones discussed below.


Crying will help you get over a situation. You should cry as much and also allow others to cry out their pain. This will help to offload an emotional baggage that you carry. You can cry in public or find a place in private. Make a call to someone who can listen to you and you will find comfort afterwards.


Every person needs time to grieve. It all depends on an individual how much it will take to go through grief period. Some people take long to grieve while others take a short time. Never feel embarrassed to extend your grieving period. If you do, it will remain unsolved and you will be unable to move on. The grieving process will help to avoid anger and guilt.


Talking about your loved ones will help you get over any grieve. Learn to talk to people who will listen to you and this will help realize that your loved one is gone. It will be a great relief when you speak out your mind and come in terms with reality.



You need to trust your instinct and where you’re not sure of what to do to seek assistance. Also, learn to trust in the supernatural power you believe in.


You should accept others to hug kiss and touch you in order to feel their affection. Give others space to pamper and show your kindness. It is important to be comforted and hugged during such a time. This helps the grieving person feel that they are still loved.


Grieving will take a lot of your energy and time and therefore it will feel like you are toiling. Eat healthy and accept help from others; it will ease your grief!

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