25 thoughts on “SWTOR Companion Characters – Jedi Consular – Nadia Grell [Romance, Dark Side]”

  1. I love Nadia as well. Thank you for putting this up. I like all of the
    Padawans but this voice person brings empathy, eagerness, child like, then
    wisdom to Nadia. She`s more interesting to me. Plus she sounds a little
    like Drew Barrymore who I love.

  2. Agreed. I also think Nadia’s introduction was more appropriately-timed. As
    a Knight, Kira becomes your Padawan at Level 15. Now considering that I’d
    been a Padawan myself at Level 10, the whole Master-Apprentice thing felt a
    bit rushed. As a Consular, you have to play up to Level 40+ before you’re
    assigned a Padawan of your own. After playing through 30 levels as a Jedi,
    being given an apprentice really feels like an honour/achievement that
    you’ve EARNED. Plus she’s cute as a gumdrop button. =3

  3. On one level, shame on you for corrupting the cutie. 😉 But thanks for the
    vid. My Consular is LS Female, and a total Mama Bear when it comes to
    Nadia. Totally wished I could take her back to Tython, introduce her to
    Yuon, dig up artifacts, help out those Twi’lek refugees (invite Zenith
    along for that, he could use the change of scenery). Y’know, the Jedi stuff
    that doesn’t involve lightsabers and warfare.

  4. I agree with what you’ve said, though i haven’t played much in any story
    other the Consular, and i loved it! I can’t believe so many people hate it,
    i love it so much i want to play it again! (Even though i haven’t beaten
    The First Son yet) and will probably do it again after that! (Kinda like my
    brother and his three Sith Warriors)

  5. (I played through as both Light & Dark consulars.) The consular story has
    an undeserved poor reputation among players because most do not understand
    its subtle story-theme. The theme of Barsen’thor’s tale (with its
    probable-canon Light-route) is “Self-Sacrifice”. The Barsen’thor gives so
    much of him-self (or her-) in service to The Jedi Order and The Republic,
    yet asks for nothing in return. To me, this is far nobler than the Hero of
    Tython’s (jedi knight) overtly heroic story.

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